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Carving Turns

Written by Dugald Morrow   
Monday, 29 November 1999

Carving turns involve maximizing the time you spend on your edges with the effect of increasing control. Weight is applied to the edges of both uphill and downhill skis as this provides better balance which also results in more control. The turn is produced by the hourglass shape of your skis' edges.

The carving turn requires a level of strength and fitness. This is particularly apparent towards the end of each turn where your legs should be flexed with pressure still applied to the edges. This is shortly followed by extending your legs and moving your weight across the skis such that it is transferred to your other edges. This is the initiation of your next turn. Having a solid edge right at the beginning of the turn is a key requirement of good carving turns.

The more exaggerated shape of the modern hourglass skis encourages a slightly wider stance and rolling the lower half of your legs from side to side. This requires slightly less flexing of the knees and consequently takes less energy to perform.

As mentioned previously, your weight is transferred between the turns when you are extended. This cross over of weight is the most intimidating part since it involves moving your weight down the slope prior to the establishment of the edges for your next turn. You can begin practicing carving turns on relatively flat trails where you can make shallower turns without gaining too much speed. This will mean your weight transfer is more across the slope than down the slope. As you move your carving turns to steeper slopes, the amount of turn will also increase and the weight transfer will be more and more down the slope.


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