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Khancoban - Well Worth a Stay

Written by Dugald Morrow   
Monday, 03 August 2009
Most skiers intending to ski at Thredbo usually consider only two options when it comes to accommodation;- Thredbo Village or Jindabyne. If you are on a tight budget or coming from the west you should also think of staying at Khancoban. Khancoban is a charming country town that most people drive staight by (or maybe stop by at the petrol station to refuel and then head on). Khancoban is a quiet town where you will definitely be able to rest your weary ski legs with peace.

Being about 300m above sea level means that your car won't be snowed in. You may come across snow on the road close to Thredbo and if you are unlucky it may be necessary to put chains on. Even if you don't need to put chains on, you will often come across ice on the road, especially on the section about 10km from Thredbo.

The section of the Alpine Way between Khancoban and Thredbo is very picturesque and there are a number of great views along the way. Keep your eye out for the rare Lyrebird near the Murray 1 Power Station. You may also see kangaroos and emus on Tom Groggin Station which is on the southern side of the road on the only section that is straight for over one kilometer.

Khancoban is a great place to stay for non-skiers as well. The lakes and rivers in the area are great for fishing. It is also a great base for hikers.

There are a number of accommodation options, all of which are quite reasonable especially when you compare them against their cousins in Thredbo, 35km away. Visit the Ski Accommodation Directory for further details.
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