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Utah Back Country Tour

Written by Dugald Morrow   
Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Anyone who has skied in Utah knows how great its resorts are. The Wasatch Mountains are home to seven ski resorts, six of which can be visited in a single day with a little back country skiing between them - not too much hiking is necessary.

Ski Utah's Interconnect Tour is a full day of guided skiing, roughly split half and half between the resorts and some of the more challenging runs within them.

A typical itinerary is as follows:

  1. Meet to discuss the day, fit avalanche beacons, etc.
  2. Hit the slopes and ski the resorts in either the following order or the reverse, lunch being provided at a resort half way through:
  3. Board a minibus for a 50 minute ride back to where you started off.

The tour is tailored to the weather and snow conditions and also to the group's capabilities and preferences to the extent possible. On the day I had, we decided to skip Brighton in favor of more skiing and less traversing/hiking. Or lunch was provided at Solitude's Last Chance Mining Camp restaurant.

As you can see in the video, we had great weather, however, the region had warm temperatures for at least five days prior which made finding untracked snow more difficult. Our guides, however, did a fabulous job as they have an intimate knowledge of the terrain. The warm temperatures meant the best snow was to be found on shaded slopes facing to the North. In particular, there was a nice long gladed run between the back of Alta taking us down to Solitude. Solitude's Black Forest run was also a highlight of the day.

During the day, I took along a friend's GPS loaded with rather tired batteries which resulted in a series of ad-hoc coordinates taken throughout the day. I've entered theses coordinates into Google Maps and linked them with a path. I think the result provides a pretty good idea of where we skied in relation to the resorts.

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