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Ski Japan

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Skiing in Japan:

There are 6 ski accommodation items in Japan. A ski accommodation item refers to either a ski village nearby ski areas or a city which is usually further away, but of interest since your may travel through it on your way to the ski areas. It is beneficial to list ski accommodation separately to ski areas as it provides more clarity and allows for a greater depth of detail.

There are 10 ski areas in Japan. Of the individual ski areas, Zao is one of the largest with 60 trails (pistes) and a vertical rise (base elevation to highest lifted point) of 2,890ft.

You may like to select a region within Japan to see the ski areas and ski accommodation items within it.


Ski Accommodation in Japan

Ski Accommodation Name Skicow
Type Altitude
Appi Kogen 2.6 Ski village 1,706
Biwako Valley 3.7 Ski village 3,084
Daisen Kokusai 3.4 Ski village 2,133
Nozawa Onsen 2.4 Ski village 1,854
Yonezawa 3.4 Ski village 1,558
Zao 3.4 Ski village 2,559

Ski Areas in Japan

Ski Area Name Skicow
of Trails
On Piste Area
Vertcial Rise
Appi Kogen 3.6 39  ?  2,575
Biwako Valley 3.1 11  ?  768
Crico 3.4  ?   ?  0
Daisen Kokusai 3.6  ?   ?  1,608
Fujiten 3.4  ?   ?  0
Nozawa Onsen 3.7 20  ?  3,560
Sun Marina Tamaniwa 3.0  ?   ?  623
Ushidake Onsen 3.1 4  ?  1,640
Yonezawa 3.0 9  ?  1,066
Zao 3.7 60  ?  2,890


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